After 4 consecutive weeks of testing, respondants were asked to rate

Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber against the competition:

Air braces, creams, bands & wraps, braces, gel, hot and cold packs, magnetic products, medical patches, neoprene sleeves

Pain Relief -

Tenex ® users reported significantly reduced and, in most cases, complete elimination of pain when wearing Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber.

Comfort -

Unlike bulky braces and supports, Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber's ergonomic and sleek design makes it a pleasure to wear. Its compact form, about the size of a watch, is carried effortlessly on the wrist and causes no interference with either work or play.

Muscle Fatigue -

The reduction in pain allowed users to work/play longer with greater strength of force.

Durability -

Tenex ® users found it to be tough and resistant to abuse.

Appearance -

Lightweight strap with a Velcro ® fastener adjusts easily to fit anyone's wrist.

Price -

At $39.95 including shipping & handling, Tenex ® Elbow Shock Absorber compares favourably with other available options.

Warranty -

An unconditional one-year warranty is far ahead of industry standards.

Customer Satisfaction -

Compared to the competition - there is no competition. Tenex ® SA outperformed all competitive products by a huge margin. Users unreservedly endorsed Tenex® ESA which was able to "cure" their conditions in a matter of days. Some users reported that chronic conditions which had bothered them for years were completely gone.