of repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, hammer elbow and repetitive motion disorder

wear Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber

Testing of Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber included two engineering studies, three medical assessments and rigorous clinical and field tests of industrial workers, tennis player and golfers. In study after study, Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber's effectiveness was verified by professional independent researchers.

Results show 50% reduction in time of vibrations and 70% reduction in amplitude of vibrations when wearing Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber compared with an identically sized and weighted placebo. Researchers expressed their confidence in these results:

Comprehensive Studies

Testing of Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber was conducted by the following:
Sport Dynamics Laboratories
HAKO Research & Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BC Research Facilities
Gordon Mackenzie
Dr. John Rideout
Dr. J.P. Mann
Dr. G.P. Krebs
Dr, J. Karl Hendrick
Wm. Reichelt

Without Tenex®

Force of impact without wearing Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber

With Tenex®

Force of impact is reduced by 70% when wearing Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber

Vibration dampening results were procured from oscilloscope amplitude measurements connected to a piezoelectric sensor and to a computer to average data.

Dr. G. KREBS PhD President, Hako Research & Engineering

Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber has been clinically proven to eliminate the damaging shock waves and vibrations that cause fatigue, muscle stress, joint injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow. Studies and trial tests placed Tenex® ESA ahead of its competitors with 50-70% of the noxious vibrations eliminated. I highly recommend this product.

Dr. J. Karl HendrickProfessor of Mechanical Engineering - Massachusetts, Institute of Technology (MIT)

I have never tested such an efficient device. The vibration damping qualities of all the other tested products obtained between 5 - 10% vibration control while Tenex® ESA reached 70%.